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+ What are the general requirements for Eikon?

Faith: all of our students and staff have professed Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior. Graduation: all of our students must have a high-school diploma or GED equivalent. Academics: all of our students are held to a high academic standard and are expected to maintain a B average (3.0 or higher) while enrolled in Eikon.

+ What is my schedule like? Are there any days off?
The Eikon schedule requires your full-time engagement. Every week in Eikon is different. Students take classes full-time on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and serve in various ministries of Calvary Church. Weekly responsibilities include discipleship, ministry projects and community outreach opportunities. Each Monday is given as a free day.

+ Can I have a job in Eikon?
The Eikon program is designed to give students unmatched educational and leadership training that will take place throughout the week. As commitments to the program take priority over employment, managing a part-time job is very difficult and not allowed without special permission.

+ Do I need to have a car?
No, you do not need a car, however, we recommend that if you have access to a car that you do bring it. If you do not already have access to a car, there is no need to buy one. Housing accommodations are located about 15 minutes from the Eikon offices and about 20 minutes from the College of DuPage. Students are encouraged to carpool.

+ Do I have to attend COD?
Yes, as education takes place inside and outside of the classroom, your time in school is a valuable part to your Eikon experience. If you have other arrangements, please contact us.

+ Can I transfer credits?
Yes, the courses you take at the College of DuPage will transfer, even to the most selective of schools. We highly encourage you to speak with your school advisor or counselor to make sure all or most courses will transfer. If you have already earned college credits, contact the Student Services Center at COD:(630) 942-2259 to verify they are transferable into COD's curriculum.

+ Can I be enrolled part-time?
Students should be enrolled in a full-time schedule(12 credit hours) in order to meet program expectations, and to ensure your academic success after Eikon.

+ Is housing included? Where will I live?
Housing is included in the cost of Eikon tuition. Eikon students live in community in residential properties of Calvary Church, located in the historic district of downtown Naperville, IL. All Eikon residences are supervised by a trained resident assistant (RA). Eikon residences are approximately 15 minutes from Eikon offices, and approximately 20 minutes from the College of DuPage campus.

+ Can I live off campus?
Residential housing is provided for you and included in the cost of Eikon tuition. You are not eligible to live off campus. If you have special circumstances, please contact us.

+ Is there an application deadline?
The deadline to apply is May 1st, 2018. While late applications may be accepted, please note that all applications submitted after this date will incur a $15 late fee. We kindly ask that all application materials are submitted on time.

+ What if I have not heard back from you?
After you submit your completed application, and we have received your references, you will get a response within a few weeks. Please note that we cannot begin processing your application until all segments have been completed and submitted.

+ Are scholarships available?
We do everything we can to make Eikon the most affordable option for your education. As a result, we unfortunately cannot provide scholarships at this time. Yet, payment plans are available on an individual basis. Please see our financial page for more information, or contact us if you should have any questions.

+ Where do I apply for financial aid?
You can apply for fiancial aid at, or through COD's tuition and aid portal. Please see our FAFSA page for more information about finacial aid.

+ Can I get someone else to fill out my reference besides my pastor?
We prefer the pastoral reference form to be completed by your pastor at your home church. If you do not have this option, another personal reference will suffice.

+ Do I get to choose what ministries I will be involved in?
You will have the opportunity to choose what area of study you would like to focus your time on with one of our four leadership practicum. However, students will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of ministries at Calvary Church.

+ Is my participation required for services and events at Calvary Church?
Yes. Our heart is the local church, and it remains the center of what we do. Weekend services and events at Calvary are an integral part to the Eikon experience and an invaluable part to your personal growth.

+ What should I bring
After you have been accepted into the Eikon program, we recommend you bring only your needs for living and going to school. We recommend you wait until you move in before you bring the majority of your beloginings. A packing list will be sent to all accepted students a few weeks before move in.

+ Is there a dating policy?
One of the most important goals at Eikon is to help you lay the right foundation for the rest of your life – to facilitate your growth and help you develop Christian character with biblical principles. As an Eikon Student, this is your year to dedicate yourself to the Lord. We kindly ask that you refrain from dating and romantic relationships during your time in Eikon. This includes semester breaks and holidays. Please see our code of conduct for a more detailed explanation.

+ How much does Eikon cost?
The cost of Eikon is $2,800 per semester, or $5,600 per year. This does not include the costs or expenses associated with the College of DuPagee. For all full breakdown and explanation of costs, please visit our financial page.

+ What about the Spring Missions Experience? Where will we go?
Each year varies depending on the needs of what God is doing around the world. In the past, our relationships with local churches have led us to Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Slovakia, Japan, and the Philippines.



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