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Please complete the general information form below. Once you have completed this form, please follow the checklist to complete your application. 

*please note: the deadline to apply is May 1st, 2018. While late applications may be accepted, please note that all applications submitted after this date will incur a $15 late fee.


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Statement of Faith
At Eikon, we take seriously your development, preparing you to lay the right foundation intellectually, spiritually, and practically. All Eikon students must live in a way that brings glory to Christ (Philippians 1:27) in all areas of life. This year is a year to dedicate yourself to the Lord, and therefore, each student is expected to:

- Abstain from smoking, drugs, alcohol, profanity, sexual sin, and dishonesty, or any other behavior that would jeopardize Christian character and witness. This includes semester breaks and holidays.

- Show respect for yourself, Calvary Church, church staff and other Eikon students. Avoid attitudes and behaviors that disrupt the well-being of the Eikon program. And, cooperate with the mission of Eikon and Calvary Church.

- Refrain from dating and romantic relationships, to give this year in unwaivering devotion to God. This includes breaks and holidays.

- Attend all college classes at the College of DuPage, ministry opportunities, Eikon seminars, leadership practicums, church and chapel services, and other activities required by Eikon with the exception of sickness and emergency.

- Refrain from all academic dishonesty and maintain a B average in college classes (3.0 or higher).

- Be neat, clean, and modestly dressed.

Eikon will provide the structure and support to bring personal growth, however, should any issues occur we recommend students to speak with a staff member for counsel and guidence. Any behavior that contradicts the conduct outlined will result in disciplinary action.

By checking "I agree" below, you are certifying that the information provided in this application is true. By agreeing to this form, you authorize Eikon and Calvary Church to take photographs, audio-visual recordings, and the use of those materials for any purpose including promotional materials. Further, you give Calvary Church full permission to preform necessary background checks. You also approve of and promise to adhere to the high moral expectations of the Eikon program. You will be responsible for prompt payment of tuition and funds for missions experience. You understand that if otherwise stated, my application will be subject to review that could result in my withdrawal from acceptance.


upon completion of this form, please complete your application by... 

  • submission of personal reference form (not to be completed by family)
  • submission of pastoral reference form (by your pastor at your home church)
  • submit single, color passport sized photo
  • submit 300-500 word personal testimony 
  • submit your high school transcript
  • start your application to the College of DuPage 
  • submit application fee ($35, or $50 after May 1st) 
    *please make all checks out to Calvary Church